Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Why this blog?

I wanted to keep my parchment work in one place and share my enthusiasm for it with you.
I'm not saying my work is good but I enjoy trying!
I started many years ago but gave up as I became stuck.
Last year, however, I decided to give it another go and with the help of books, dvds and my docrafting friends I feel much happier with my work.

So if my humble attempts inspire you then I'd say "try it". You'll be glad you did!


  1. congrats on starting a blog for your stunning parchment work, really look forward to following your uploads, Fi xx

  2. I enjoy parch too, have afew bits on my blog.
    Look forward to seeing your works. xxxxx

  3. Hello you, this is an excellent idea and you know why. I have been doing a little playing but nothing too serious yet so really looking forward reading anything you have to say and looking at will be some stunning cards. xx