Monday, 19 January 2015


A question.....
When is a bookmark not a bookmark?
When it's made into a card lol ;-)
This is a bookmark pattern but as I don't have any bookmark sleeves it became a card.
Pattern by Mandy Haines at Perfect Parchment Craft.
Coloured with WHSmith blendable pencils.
Sewn to red card and finished with peeloff corners.
Many thanks for taking the time to look and comment xx

Saturday, 10 January 2015


I was desperately seeking a pattern for a Yorkshire Terrier but to no avail.
But guess who came to the rescue?
Yes, Judith Maslen!
She designed this pattern especially for me and you can buy it from her website
(see my sidebar).
I was so chuffed!
Thank you so much Judith xx
As I was making it for a man I kept it simple (the original design is more ornate).
Coloured with W.H.Smith blendable pencils.
Thank you for looking and for any comments xx